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North Las Vegas Celebrates Veterans with Heartfelt Appreciation and Community Spirit

The Inaugural Hometown Veterans Block Party

This past Saturday, the City of North Las Vegas transformed into a vibrant hub of appreciation and celebration, honoring the veterans across the valley with its first annual 'Hometown Veterans Block Party'. The event, marking a significant milestone, also celebrated the first anniversary of the Veterans & Community Resource Center, a beacon of hope and support for our brave heroes.

A Vision Brought to Life by Christina "Chris" Thomas

At the forefront of this impactful change is Founder and President Christina "Chris" Thomas. As a veteran herself, and a granddaughter, daughter, and friend to many who have served, Thomas's deep personal connections to the military community fueled her drive to make a difference. Her leadership brought together a dedicated team of directors and advisors at the North Las Vegas resource center, turning a vision of inclusion and support for veterans into a tangible reality.

A Day of Unity, Gratitude, and Celebration

The Hometown Veterans Block Party was more than just an event; it was a heartfelt tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of our veterans. The day was marked by a spirit of unity and gratitude, drawing people from all walks of life to participate in the festivities. Congressman Steven Horsford and Councilman Richard Cherchio were among the notable attendees, adding to the event's significance.

A Festival for All Ages

Attendees, young and old, were treated to a variety of activities, delicious food, and lively music, creating an unforgettable atmosphere of celebration and remembrance. Over 80 vendors contributed to the day's success, offering an eclectic mix of products and services, further enhancing the communal experience.

The Veterans & Community Resource Center: A Pillar of Support

A key highlight of the celebration was the Veterans & Community Resource Center. This center operates on a one-stop approach, providing accessible, no-cost services and resources in areas such as employment, housing, education, mental health and wellbeing, finance, and legal support. Its dedicated team works tirelessly, offering personalized guidance to veterans and their families, addressing their unique needs with utmost care and professionalism.

A Heartfelt Thanks to the Community Contributors

The success of the event and the operations of the Resource Center would not have been possible without the commendable contributions of many. A special thanks is extended to Chef Juan Figueroa and Koko Makafigueroa for their culinary expertise, Victor Mancilla from the North Las Vegas Fire Department for ensuring safety and support, Hunter Cain representing Grand Canyon University for educational collaboration, and Sharon Phoenix and Richard Harvey from Pop-Up Marketplace Las Vegas! This is just to name a few; and thank you to everybody else that could celebrate with VAC.

Conclusion: A Community United in Honoring Heroes

The first annual Hometown Veterans Block Party and the anniversary of the Veterans & Community Resource Center in North Las Vegas stand as powerful reminders of the respect and gratitude we owe to our veterans. Chris's vision and the collective efforts of many have not only created a day of joyous celebration but also reinforced the community’s commitment to providing ongoing support to those who have selflessly served our nation. As we reflect on this day of unity and appreciation, let us remember to carry this spirit of support and recognition for our veterans throughout the year.

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