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A Day of Recognition and Support: Senator Cortez Masto's Visit to the Veteran Resource Center

November 10, 2023

It was a day marked by solidarity and commitment at the state high-profile Veteran Resource Center, where Senator Cortez Masto made a significant visit. Welcomed warmly by a host of dignitaries and veterans, the Senator's arrival was not just a formality but a step towards understanding and addressing the needs of veterans more closely.

Among those greeting Senator Cortez Masto were Veteran Resource Coordinators Walter Les-cano and Helena Otero, Veterans Advocacy Council President Christina "Chris" Thomas, Mayor Goynes-Brown, North Las Vegas Councilmen Cherchio and Barron, Veteran Commission's Jimmie Vega, along with many veterans and their families. The presence of numerous media outlets, including local news channels and Veteran Reporter News, underscored the importance of this event.

The walkthrough of the Center, led by Mayor Goynes-Brown and Senator Cortez Masto, highlighted the collaborative efforts of various community partners. These included organizations like the VFW, the Salvation Army, and others who contribute to veteran support. The discussions revolved around the multitude of programs and resources available, emphasizing one-on-one veteran peer guidance.

Christina Thomas highlighted a crucial aspect of their work: assisting the two-thirds of veterans who either don’t have full benefits or opt not to seek care through the VA. This gap is where local organizations step in, providing necessary support and guidance. The Center's role in facilitating community care for veterans, as explained by Walter Lescano and Helena Otero, is vital. They pointed out that many veterans, often coming straight from hospital appointments, find solace and assistance here.

The significance of the American Rescue Plan, passed by Senator Cortez-Masto and Congressman Horsford, which facilitated the establishment of the center, was a key discussion point. This initiative is seen as a model that could be replicated across the state and nation to better serve veterans.

Mayor Goynes-Brown, having a personal connection to the veteran community, has been a staunch supporter of veteran inclusion and solutions. The visit by Senator Cortez Masto reinforces a collective commitment to enhancing the lives of those who have served the nation. It's a reminder that the path to bettering veteran care involves understanding their diverse needs and the collaborative effort of both government and community organizations.

Moving Forward

This visit by Senator Cortez Masto isn't just a ceremonial gesture but a powerful message of recognition and support. It signifies a continued commitment to addressing the gaps in veteran services and reinforces the importance of local community involvement in these efforts. As we move forward, the insights and experiences shared during this visit will undoubtedly contribute to shaping more effective and inclusive veteran support programs across the country.

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