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Bridging the Gap Between Veterans and Holistic Health Solutions

Empowering Veterans Through Cannabis Wellness


Our Mission

At the Veteran's Cannabis Committee, a dedicated branch of the Las Vegas Cannabis Committee, we're committed to enhancing the well-being of veterans through the thoughtful and responsible use of cannabis. Understanding the unique challenges faced by those who've served, our mission is to offer more than just products — we provide holistic health options, practices, and accessible resources tailored specifically for veterans. By focusing on the therapeutic potential of cannabis, we aim to improve quality of life, encourage healing, and foster a supportive community where veterans can thrive.


Veteran Wellness, Naturally Grown

Our Vision

At VAC, we passionately advocate for veteran legislation to enhance support in mental, holistic, and whole health services. Our focus lies in connecting individuals with culturally competent and trauma-informed services. Our diverse board represents various war eras and community leaders, uniting stakeholders such as veterans, their families, mental health professionals, VA and Congressional liaisons, community executives, and whole health influencers. We work hand-in-hand with Veteran Service Organizations (VSO) and community partners to promote the overall wellbeing of the communities we serve.


  1. Enhanced Health Options: We offer an array of cannabis-based solutions designed to address the specific health needs of veterans, providing a natural path to managing pain, stress, and other health-related issues.

  2. Inclusive Community Support: Our initiatives create inclusive environments where veterans can connect, share experiences, and find support among peers, deepening their sense of belonging and community.

  3. Tailored Access and Education: We ensure veterans have easy access to high-quality cannabis products and provide comprehensive education on safe practices and the benefits of cannabis, empowering informed choices.

  4. Event Participation and Advocacy: Veterans are included in a variety of cannabis-related events and support groups, fostering active involvement and advocacy in the broader cannabis community, while raising awareness of veterans' unique needs.


Get Connected

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In addition to becoming a member, there are various ways for you to contribute to our cause:

1. Join: Join as a member of the Council today! Stay in tune with everything.

2. Volunteer: Share your time and skills at our events or community outreach programs.

3. Donate: Your monetary support helps us continue our work and expand our reach.

4. Advocate: Spread the word about VACCDC's mission and encourage others to join our community.


Together, we can create a lasting impact and ensure that our veterans and their families receive the care and support they deserve. Be a part of the VACCDC community today.

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